Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Polaroid Film

Got the film from Impossible Project.

What's the point with this kind of photography?
Been living with digital photography for years, this kind of photography gives us interesting experiences. One real genuine hardcopy of the real moment. It's unpredictable, not mistake-proof, hard to replicate. You cannot copy or paste, you cannot manipulate, you cannot erase. You have to think twice before taking a photo, like asking to yourself "Is the moment worth the film?" "Is it going to be good?"

OneStep-CloseUp-Al-Kout Polaroid film
With this kind of photography, mistake is acceptable. Mistake is the new art. Mismatch color is the new color. And it's challenging, the film no longer widely manufactured by Polaroid. You need to get an expensive film from Impossible Project that contains only 8 exposures. Or you can get an expired Polaroid film, which can give you artistic result like this:
expired02 expired03

Kids created their first Polaroid photo by accidentally press the shutter button. The mistake worth $3 each.

arwen01 arwen02

When it's no longer mainstream, it might be considered an art. And for us it's not just an art. We want to introduce this kind of technology to our children, so we will not be the last generation who know about this old tech, Polaroid, a sustainable legacy.

Enjoy our 'new' art :D

Polaroid filmPolaroid filmCamera OneStep CloseUpCamera Sun 600Camera SX-70 OneStep
03-OneStep-CloseUp04-OneStep-CloseUpOneStep-CloseUp-Al-KoutOneStep-CloseUp-Al-Kout-1SX-70 OneStep

Polaroid Film, a set on Flickr.

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