Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Children Create Their First Animation Project On Vine

They have been watching their dad doing some animation & stop-motion on Vine & examining on how doing a frame-by-frame animation. Suddenly they realized that they can create their own cartoon movie. So my older daughter drew 6 frames of animation & recorded it on Vine.

We created a private Vine account for her & get some selected/filtered followers to avoid online trolls or rude negative comments. Her Vine account is 'Arwen Shaula'. Let me know if you want to follow her Vine :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vine: Capturing Moments of London with Sketches

If you have days for London trip, what will you do?
Taking picture with your digital camera? Snap shot & go?

Try sketching the city with paper & pencil (or digital tablet). Take a sit, relax & enjoy the view for a moment. That's what I did for capturing the moment of London.

Here are some of the Vine videos.

Regent's canal

Great Portland Street

Regent's Park Cafe

Regent's Park Orchestra

London Tower Bridge

Windsor Castle

This day I forgot to bring my sketchbook. So a digital tablet would do :)