Friday, October 30, 2015

3D Model Project

Our 8 years old daughter designs a computer toy for her puppet doll. It called ePig. She gave me the drawing with its back, front, right view for 3D reference.

Then I built the 3D model in Cinema 4D software, showed it to her until she was satisfied and approved the model. Got it ready for 3D printing in Blender software and sent it to Shapeways for printing.

Couple weeks later, the model arrived. So excited with our first 3D model project! Can't wait to prepare for another 3D model.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Welcome Back, Marty McFly!

October 21st 2015! For the first time we'll gonna watch Back To The Future II! Time to commemorate the BTTF month, with watercolor paintings! \o/

Welcome back, Marty! (medium: KOI Sakura on Moleskine watercolor pad) #watercolor  Doc & Marty. #WelcomeBackMarty #BTTF

Go Johnny, go go go! ♪ #BTTF #cafepainter  Lorraine Baines. #BTTF #cafepainter

Punch him, George! Punch him in the face! #BTTF #cafepainter  Moleskine watercolor notebook (pocket) becomes our favorite medium for portable painting #mobilepainter #cafepainter

Paint: Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor + Koi waterbrush.
Paper: Moleskine watercolor pad.