Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sketching Kuwait

Digital sketches about our journey in Kuwait with Galaxy Note.

Arabian musics in the mall at Ramadan month.

Free gahwa and tea for iftar at Ramadan month.

Vintage gadgets seller in Kuwait friday market. We find a lot of retro gadgets like Polaroid cameras, calculators, Nintendo consoles. More about Kuwait friday market.

A shawarma restaurant. They put fruits on the top of the meat. One of the guy slices the laham (meat) & other creates saj (similar to kobus bread) from doughs.

Two Indian ladies waiting in front of bakala. India is the second largest population in Kuwait after Egypt.

Cashier guy in a grocery store with some Indonesian stuffs: "One telor asin and two terasi, all 1.2 KD."

A taxi driver having a good time. While driving, pulling his left leg & pulling hairs from his hairy nose. Life is good, eh?

Woman sells Kuwait traditional hand-woven textile, Sadu, in Souk Jumah. Some European tourists bargaining the price.

Waiting in the washing station.

More sketches are coming. Stay tuned.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leia's Project For Her Birthday

Next week is Leia's 6th birthday. She has an idea: draw 25 pictures of princess (including princesses from Indonesian folklore like Bawang Merah, Timun Mas, Chandra Kirana etc) and give them to her 25 friends in the class.

So far, she already done 16 pictures. Still few pictures to go. Go Leia Go!

Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Petruk & Bagong Wayang

As family living abroad, we keep connecting our kids with our origin culture. So when they grow up with the multi-nationality society, they will not losing their identity and still have knowledge about Indonesia's culture, language, art & folklore.

In this holiday, we introduce wayang to them. We choose the Punakawan character Petruk & Bagong for the DIY wayang project. We tell the story & tale about Punakawan. They laughing madly when they know one of the character, Semar, uses fart as the weapon. After drawing the character, kids coloring it with their own colors. Purple and pink! :D

Done with coloring, now we put the join for the body & hand. Then snitch the wooden sticks for crochet.

Tah dah! Petruk & Bagong are ready. Now we're creating a stage from cardboard box.

Neo is waiting for the wayang show by his sister. There you go!

We think this Wayang Mahabharata animation is good introduction to wayang for our kids. Done by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) college student in Surabaya, Indonesia. Take a look!

Wayang Mahabharata (Pilot Episode) - English Subs from Wlabs on Vimeo.