Sunday, May 25, 2008

IF Worry : Brownie is Worry

by : Pinot

A dog named Brownie
hanging in the sky with a rope
He looks so worry
because the rope can't give him more hope

Artist : Pinot
Software : CorelPainter X
Hardware : Wacom Intuos & MacPro

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Illustration in Motion

by : Pinot

Sometimes, it's fun to put illustration works inside my motion graphic project. It's just like, giving a soul to an illustration and make it alive, dance, move. Specially when we were doing this project -- an opening/intro for TV program -- with a combination of hand-drawing animation and AfterEffect. Here's few of the examples.

I did the illustration with Wacom Intuos and Corel Painter then capture the movement of the drawing sketch with SnapzPro. So it will looks like virtually drawing among the motion graphic elements.

These are the final motion graphic design :

Here is the video.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food Photography : Rice and Spice

Rice and Spices

Another shots

Rice and Spice

Artist : Dita
Camera : Canon EOS 350 D
Lens : kit lens 18-55 mm

Home Decor Project : BIRD

As we are going to move to a new apartment, I've been busy preparing some elements to decorate the wall in my craft corner and our kids' lil' studio ;) *sounds like an interior designer, huh....hahahaha*.

These are some of the Bird's project. I like sweet and cute style.

Home Decor Project : Bird

Artist : Dita
Stitch by Hand

Monday, May 19, 2008

IF : Wide - Wide Yawn at Dawn

Sun and me meet in the dawn.
We both doing a wide-yawn.

Artist : Pinot
Tools : Pencil, pen and Photoshop

Family Transportation

We are moving to a new apartment, close to our current apartment. Though we don't have a proper vehicle (yet), we use our favorite commuter cart instead. Carrying the stuffs, especially for small stuffs. Not just that, we can put our little daughters in it, so it become a family transportation :D

Read the whole story here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

When Arwen was Born

There was a time when I always carried sketch book wherever I go. Just like when Dita was about to gave birth of our first daughter, Arwen 3 years ago. These are some of my sketches.

We were going to watch midnight movie and she has had a 1 cm dilation (a day before we're going to hospital).

There she was. Arwen arrived on earth.

Dita was so exhausted. Poor her, after struggled to gave birth.

Breastfeeding for Arwen 24 hours.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Number Project

Learning activities have to be fun. Since Arwen is going to Kindergarten (KD) next year, we've started some preparation. Why such in a hurry? No, this is not somekind of ambitious project (that's not so us :D). And we are not trying to push her. This is just the way how she would get used to the school environment, as you know she would deal with multicultural environment, new languages (English and Arabic), etc.

The easiest way yet fun to teach and learn is through crafting project. This time, she learns about number. We made the number project from colorful foam and papers. Cut and paste and taarrraaaaa.....this is our artwork!

Number Project

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sketching for my stitching project

We do love sketching. Pinot like to draw a lot. He born with the talent and he went to the art school. I don't do draw but I love to make patterns sketch for hand embroidery. We both grew up in the artistic environment. His dad and mom are an artist, so is my father (what a coincidence, my daddy and his dad went to the same art school).

Now, we want to bring our little family to the same environment. We are trying to fill our little home with the artistic air. Arwen and Leia are free to draw, sketch, paint and to make handycraft. We believe that art activities could stimulate their physical and psycological development.

Sketching together

This is what they are doing when watching me sketching some patterns. Sometimes, they fill my sketchbook with their doodles.

Arwen & Leia do the sketch

Yes, I'm preparing to start embroidering again since I left this hobby for almost 8 years. My friend, Sili, really give me such an inspiration to start needlework again, thanks're the inspiration! I've put the sewing machine in my wish list :).

Crafting - needlework

Ohhh can't wait to do my first hand embroidery project.