Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Our Kids Can Learn With Vine app

Vine app is not just a social video app. Somehow, its 6 seconds duration limitation (or feature?) is perfect for our kids doing a short movie experiment.

Short Movie

What can they do in a very short 6 seconds video? Here are some examples on how our kids telling the story with 6 seconds video. They learn about mini storyboard & basic concept on visual storytelling.

"Where is Leia drawing? At the beach!"

"So many cars! Traffic jam!"

Stop motion & Animation

We all know Vine app is not a stop motion capturing app. But with its record-and-pause ability, our kids can learn how to make stop motion in easy & fun way. And with its short duration, they don't have to wait too long to see the stop-motion result.

"Danny the warrior duck."

"Driving a car. Oh no traffic jam!"

"The boat & the pirate."

Short movie with stop-motion

"Look! USS Enterprise from Star Trek!"

Problem is, Vine's age rating is 17+. Meands that I cannot install it in their restricted iDevices like iPod & iPad. And they cannot freely browsing other videos without their parents around.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Having Fun with Twitter's Vine

Been playing with Vine for week. Vine is Twitter's official social video, so we can make a short (6 seconds) video documentation, posted on Twitter.

But Vine is not only just for documentation, it's also handy for making experiment with animation/stop motion.

Or making a step-by-step or tutorial