Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Painting Our Family - an experiment with Sherlock Holmes end title style

When the first time I saw Sherlock Holmes end title, I was like "This is the one what I've been looking for!"
Well, I was looking for a style that combine live-action footage, painting & motion graphic & that end title inspires me.

So I decide to make a 'rip-off' style from it. I have no problem with the drawing itself, but the problem is in the ink-smearing motion effect.

Fortunately I found this website with tutorial & material about the same style, Jake & Dan. So I grab the paper texture file, the smearing ink blot etc from them.

Next step, I pick some of video footages from our Canon EOS 500D. Then in Corel Painter X, I draw the outline & put some hatches in different layers. I keep the original image from the video footage for color effect, later in After Effects.

Then in AfterEffects, using the smearing-ink material from -- as Luma Matte for each layer of my drawings & apply BCC Watercolor in the original image.

In the final composition, all the layers are in 3D mode because I want to add depth (3D environment) & put a camera with slow track movement.

I pick a beautiful music from The Blossoming Lilies by The Orchestral Movement of 1932 as the soul of the motion.

So here it is. Enjoy

Painting My Family [Final Version] on Vimeo.

Hardware: Canon 500D, MacPro, MacMini, Wacom Bamboo
Software: AfterEffects, Painter XI