Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Chef with Mini Apron

Arwen and Leia really enjoy every moment they spent in the kitchen. They love making their own cookies or just help me with the batter.

I made these mini apron for them.

[Mommy Creates] Mini Apron

Enjoy cooking& baking, girls!!

Artist : Dita
Tools : Brother Sewing Machine

Monday, September 29, 2008

Leia's Goody Bags

To celebrate Leia's 2nd birthday, I made these little goody bags for her friends and Pinot create a little card that would be attach at the bags.

From Mamin dan Papin with love, dear.

[Mommy Creates] Goody Bags for Leia's Birthday

Happy birthday, Leia!!! All the best for you, darling.


Artist : Dita & Pinot
Tools : Brother Sewing Machine

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Owl Day

Mommy Creates : Stuffed Owl

A cute owl project from scrap fabrics to cheer up our girl's day.

Artist : Dita
Tools : Brother Sewing Machine

Friday, September 19, 2008

IF Island

Is he lying on a head of flying bird?
No. He's just lying on the beach,
as if he's going seaward.

Got the idea from Gina.

Artist : Pinot
Story : Dita
Software : CorelPainter Essentials 3
Hardware : Wacom Bamboo, MacBook

Thursday, September 11, 2008

IF Clutter

by : Pinot

This aquarium become so clutter.
The fishes swimming in a tight water.

Artist : Pinot
Story : Dita
Software : CorelPainter Essentials 3
Hardware : Wacom Bamboo, MacBook

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birds...Birds...and Birds

Birds are always my favorite motive and pattern. Seems like I'm obsessed with them....tell me about it!

Bird Cage 2Glass Bird
Project : Cushion Cover - BirdMommy Creates : Stuffed Owl
Home Decor Project : Bird 1Mural : Tree and Birds
The Whole LookAdjustable Bag 8

I made these hand embroidery little birds as a home decor project since almost 3 months ago ;)....excuse me for the laziness :D.

Home Decor Project : Bird

Finally it's done!


Artist : Dita

Paper Necklace

As I told you before, my girls really love playing with paper, glue and scissor.

Remember these?

Crafting with Kids : Paper Rolls

I bet you remember rolling these cutting paper in kindergarten ;).

And we made a cute necklace from them with a touch of paper flower.

Crafting with Kids : Paper Necklace 3 Crafting with Kids : Paper Necklace

Artist : Dita, Arwen, Leia
Tools : Scissor, Glue and Paper

Adjustable Tote

Inspired by my favorite artist, Lotta Jansdotter, I made this adjustable tote. It can be worn across the chest or as a shoulder bag.

Project : Adjustable Bag

The bird pattern is handsewed.

Detail : Hand Embroidery Bird

Lotta Jansdotter ....I heart you!! Her artworks are trully an inspiration. Love her simple and minimalist style. I recommended her books as well.

Artist : Dita
Tools : Sewing Machine-Brother
Fabric : Linen

Family Project - All Purpose Tote Bags

The Making : All Purpose Tote Bags (Family Project)

*sigh* I almost forget to post this project. Too many projects, too lazy to post ;).

Family Project : All Purpose Tote Bags (The Making)
from left to right, clockwise : Leia's, Dita's, Arwen's, Pinot's

Everybody took part on this project. I let them draw whatever they want on a piece of plain fabric. After that, I modified their drawing and sew the fabric one by one to make tote bags that we can use to keep and organize some stuffs.


All Purpose Tote Bag

Artist : Pinot, Dita, Arwen, Leia