Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Nomadbrush


Finally, after a month of waiting, now the Nomadbrush is in our hand!
Let's answer the first question: IS IT GOOD?

Analog & Digital

Trying with several paint app: ArtRage, Auryn Ink, SketchBook Pro & Brushes. Bottom line: it's a different experience. It gives me a 'floating' sensation, compare to pointing-finger that always pressed to the iPad screen. And I still need my finger for some task like choosing the color, brush or save the file. Takes time getting used to paint with this digital brush.

Analog & Digital

So is it good?
As an amateur painter myself, I do enjoy painting with Nomadbrush. Although the result is different - the painting experiences are also differ from one app to another - the feel is almost the same compare with traditional brushes. My favorite app is Auryn Ink.
Yes. It does feel good.

Auryn Ink

ArtRage & AurynInk


Don't expect that this Nomadbrush will bring the same traditional brush experience to your iPad.
Both are different. Both are good. With the traditional painting medium, you can feel the texture of the paper, the wetness of the water, the swinging brush for thick-thin stroke.
With iPad & Nomadbrush, those sensations are gone. Flat, cold, virtual. But it's another new sensation & dimension. Each app has uniqueness & user-interface. Each app has different approach for painting. And this Nomadbrush takes you beyond than finger-painting.

Put this brush in your hand & you'll know.

Link http://nomadbrush.com

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Created with Auryn Ink

Created with SketchBook Pro

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm doing an intro for cooking TV program. The idea is a restaurant menu with watercolor-style food pictures - by using Dita's food photography. Click for some details.

Currently, I'm still watercolorizing (is it a right term?) the photos in Photoshop. Haven't reach the motion composition step yet.
(updating... )