Thursday, September 30, 2010

DIY: Carton Milk Wallet

"Create your own toy," we learned it from our parents. Now it's time for us to teach our kids to do the same.

So our project is creating a wallet from carton milk. We got the instruction from Disney Family Fun (link)

There you go! Now don't forget to bring that wallet when we're going to grocery, kids!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Smocking Dress

Smocking? Seriously...I did it! It's not as hard as you think. This is a simple project of smocking dress. You can find tons of tutorial on the internet.

(Our Artful Life) Sewing project : Smocking Dress

Yayyyy....I couldn't stop jumping around when I did it!

Rose Fabric Necklace

Another fabric necklace? Yess...I'm totally addicted of making them. The fun part is I don't have to deal with chain, plier, etc. Only glue, thread here and there. I made video tutorial for the rose, but I'll post it soon *lazy mama*.

(Our Artful Life)  Rose Fabric Necklace

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fabric Ring Necklace

Stacy of Hart+Sew posted this nice tutorial. I was browsing around of fabric necklace images through flickr, then I ended up at her blog. It's really easy to make and I have all the materials. Not all actually. I use a cardboard (that've been used by my kids...see the doodles) to substitute the plastic ring as she suggested.

And here's the pictorial :
1. (Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace - Step 1/6

2. (Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace - Step 2/6
Wrap them with something soft first to give them a plumper effect.

3. (Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace - Step 3/6

4. (Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace - Step 4/6

5. (Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace - Step 5/6

6. (Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace - Step 6/6

Look! Piece of cake!

(Our artful Life)  Fabric Necklace

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spring Summery Dress

Ohh Dana I heart you and I heart your crafty life. When I first saw her tutorial in her blog...I feel like...I have to make this one. This is a great way to reuse one of Dad's old shirts...too cute! Unfortunately I didn't have one. I made it with a new fabric.

(Our Artful Life) Sewing Project : Girl's Dress

Check here for the tutorial.

(Our Artful Life) Sewing Project : Girl's dress

Monday, September 13, 2010

Batik Skirt

You have no idea how I love fabrics scrap. These batik skirts made from fabrics scrap of my batik dress. I didn't use pattern, just use my imagination and feeling :D

(Our Artful Life) : Sewing Project - Batik Skirt

Dish Towel Dress

(Our Artful Life) : Sewing Project - DishTowel Top

I bought these 2 packs of dish towel at IKEA. 1 for my food photos property and the other 1 sat nicely on my pantry. Actually I was thinking to make cushion cover but there weren't enough fabric. So I decided to make this little dress (it's not long enough, tough, you'll see it as a top). Like usual, I didn't use any pattern.

(Our Artful Life) Sewing Project : Dish Towel Dress

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handmade Hairband

What I love about having a daughter is making sweet&cute little thing like these ;). I don't like spending money too much on their accessories because they are easily get bored and often forget where they put their accesories. Making one on their own or making together with me, will teach them about creative process, how to save money and how to appreciate handmade products.

Look what we've made together! We only need scrap fabrics, lace, assorted button, beads, colorful ribbon and elastic ribbon.

DIY cute & romantic hairband
cute&romantic hairband

DIY Hairband : Sweet Pink
sweet pink hairband

DIY Flower Power Hairband
pink my way hairband (arwen made this)

DIY Funky Hairband
funky&edgy hairband (leia made this)

That's our crafty girl!

(Our Artful Life) DIY Hairband

Friday, September 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's been almost 4 months,since we moved to this new apartment. And we love it. It has more bigger room and playing space for the kids.

2 years in the old apartment and we had such a really sweet memories. Especially in our artful life. We've done so many artful things.

Our Artful Life

Now we have a new nest. New place we'll fill with artful things. New chapter in our journey.

our artful life : new mural

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Food Photography Contest Winners

I was on vacation when David Leite from Leite's Culinaria e-mailed me. I'm so surprised that he told me about my Chocolate-Ginger Crinkle Cookies photo goes to final.

It was the only photo I sent for this contest. I didn't have much time to try another recipes and to make so many photos because I was preparing my vacation to Indonesia.

Then at the beginning of the September month, Allison from Leite's Culinaria e-mailed me. Yayyyyyy!!! I'm so thrilled that I made it as a second place winner.

chocolate-ginger crinkle cookies

Now, I can't wait for my $200 gift certificate from B&H Photo *dora dancing*