Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Handmade Hairband

What I love about having a daughter is making sweet&cute little thing like these ;). I don't like spending money too much on their accessories because they are easily get bored and often forget where they put their accesories. Making one on their own or making together with me, will teach them about creative process, how to save money and how to appreciate handmade products.

Look what we've made together! We only need scrap fabrics, lace, assorted button, beads, colorful ribbon and elastic ribbon.

DIY cute & romantic hairband
cute&romantic hairband

DIY Hairband : Sweet Pink
sweet pink hairband

DIY Flower Power Hairband
pink my way hairband (arwen made this)

DIY Funky Hairband
funky&edgy hairband (leia made this)

That's our crafty girl!

(Our Artful Life) DIY Hairband

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Alderina said...

Aku suka sama yang dibuat sama Leia :D Rapi yooo