Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Food Photography Contest Winners

I was on vacation when David Leite from Leite's Culinaria e-mailed me. I'm so surprised that he told me about my Chocolate-Ginger Crinkle Cookies photo goes to final.

It was the only photo I sent for this contest. I didn't have much time to try another recipes and to make so many photos because I was preparing my vacation to Indonesia.

Then at the beginning of the September month, Allison from Leite's Culinaria e-mailed me. Yayyyyyy!!! I'm so thrilled that I made it as a second place winner.

chocolate-ginger crinkle cookies

Now, I can't wait for my $200 gift certificate from B&H Photo *dora dancing*

1 comment:

tje2p said...

wohoooo.... congrats!
seneng deh, gak malu2in udah vote *menurut looo?!* hahahaha