Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Arwen & Leia's Mural 2

Back in 2009, we allowed Arwen & Leia to draw on the wall, only in a specific space near their bed.


Years later, after we moved to another apartment, they seem want to do the same rebelious art activity. Though we never give permission for drawing on the wall, they keep doing it in a small space near their bed in bedroom wall. Then the space gets bigger & larger.

Seems our children are not drawing on the wall. They're decorating the wall. #pinoditart

Though we never stop give them papers, it doesn't stop them to drag their markers to the wall. "Wall is bigger than paper," they say.

We amazed. We're no longer see toddler's doodles. We see the real art development of our children. Their skills are growing & more advanced.

Kids, don't draw on the wall!!! Oh well.. keep it up then. #pinoditart Mural by our 6yo & 8yo daughters on their bedroom wall. #pinoditart

Seems we have to make a new rule for them. They can keep drawing on their wall, as long as it's beautiful and well drawn :)