Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arwen & Leia's Mural

Drawing is one of human basic needs, especially drawing on the wall. The wall is big, large & gives lots of space for expression. Cave men painting on their cave. Egyptian created stories on their wall. People doing graffities on public walls.



Similar to what Arwen & Leia did to our bedroom wall. It's about basic needs for freedom & expression :)

Kids & Their Painting from Pinot on Vimeo.

*CMIMGIW = Correct Me If My Grammar Is Wrong*


Caroline Sleijffers said...

I love this! You can see how proud they are of what they've created. It will be sad to paint this over when they're older.

I have a post on my blog with a white old sofa that has been painted. Maybe a project for your girls in the future...

Sasha said...

Warmed my heart and brought a little smile to my face this morning at an otherwise life-less and love-less work day - thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Letsee... I see Carls' house in 'UP', zebra, lion, elephant, OMG IS THAT A TURTLE? SUPER CUTE. WAAAAA, I SEE SQUIRT FROM 'FINDING NEMO'!, apple sauce and... The one on the second pic collection, the one at bottom left corner... Is that your family? You, mbak Ditut, Leia and Arwen?

ULTRA CUTE! XD Cuteness Award approved!

Fifi Alvianto said...

Goshhhhh I larrfff the blog so much. This is so kewl. You two make such a creative parents!

Anonymous said...

Freedom of orat oret