Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tweet Tweet! Fabric Scraps Art

Summer is here!! And it's really hot in here. Daytime can reach almost 50˙C!! *pphhiiuuhhh*. Since the kids can't play outside, we have to prepare for some projects and activities at home. And thanks to Lisa Tilse for her brilliant idea :).

Fabric Scraps Project

Inspired by : Lisa Tilse - Australia

You will need:
Newspaper or (dita - paper scrap)
Sticky tape (dita - paper tape) and PVA glue
Fabric scrap

For each bird you will need to make the following pieces: a beak, head, body and tail. As well as 2 long flat folded strips. The head and body are spheres and the tail is formed by shaping a ball into a cone shape with flat ends. You can see the shapes in the photo.

Step 1 : Tweet Tweet Summer Tweet

Attach the head to the body and then the tail to the body with sticky tape. Then roll a small strip of newspaper up to form a cone for the beak and attach it to the head. Next take two squares of newspaper (that you’ve previously scrunched and flattened) and fold them into long strips. Wrap one strip around your bird where the head joins the body and one where the tail joins. This will hide the joins and enhance the body shape. Use lots of sticky tape to make the joins smooth.

Step 2 :Tweet Tweet Summer Tweet

Cut fabric scraps into small squares 2 -3 cm in size and follow the cheat’s papier mache instructions to cover your bird. Set your bird aside to dry.

Step 3 : Tweet Tweet Summer Tweet

Step 4 : Tweet Tweet Summer Tweet

Cut 2 wings from fabric. If you can, find a shape on your fabric that mimics the shape of a wing.

Fabric Scraps Bird


LILY ve PEPPER said...

nice work for child, also your foto's are always great !

Sae Lin said...

It's very nice. I love crafts.

kara said...

Just happened upon your blog through a google search. I love this project idea and can't wait to try it when my little girl is old enough! May I post a link to it from my blog?

Lia said...

o how cute :)

Guida said...

I found your blog through Ikea hacker and I love this craft idea for children.

Anonymous said...

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