Thursday, June 4, 2009

IF Adapt

Cathy the cactus busy painting herself
Trying to adapt with her friends

Artist : Pinot
Software : CorelPainter X
Hardware : Wacom Intuos, MacPro


Anonymous said...

Thats great! BEAUTIFUL use of color!

AtelierBrigitte said...

what a nice work - the little faces on the flowers made me smile!

Shirley said...

Really sweet! Great concept for this week!! Nicely illustrated as well!

fashion fucsia said...

OooooH! Beautiful flower colors and funny expressions!!

Sae Lin said...

This is gorgeous. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Cathy doesn't have to go purple. Cathy is beautiful already. Green adds accent to purple :D Don't worry Cathy, you are beautiful just as you are :)

Cute picture :D

aji said...

creaticaa!!.. khuu..khuuu.. thanks for inspiring me!!