Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Our Kids Can Learn With Vine app

Vine app is not just a social video app. Somehow, its 6 seconds duration limitation (or feature?) is perfect for our kids doing a short movie experiment.

Short Movie

What can they do in a very short 6 seconds video? Here are some examples on how our kids telling the story with 6 seconds video. They learn about mini storyboard & basic concept on visual storytelling.

"Where is Leia drawing? At the beach!"

"So many cars! Traffic jam!"

Stop motion & Animation

We all know Vine app is not a stop motion capturing app. But with its record-and-pause ability, our kids can learn how to make stop motion in easy & fun way. And with its short duration, they don't have to wait too long to see the stop-motion result.

"Danny the warrior duck."

"Driving a car. Oh no traffic jam!"

"The boat & the pirate."

Short movie with stop-motion

"Look! USS Enterprise from Star Trek!"

Problem is, Vine's age rating is 17+. Meands that I cannot install it in their restricted iDevices like iPod & iPad. And they cannot freely browsing other videos without their parents around.

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