Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sketching for my stitching project

We do love sketching. Pinot like to draw a lot. He born with the talent and he went to the art school. I don't do draw but I love to make patterns sketch for hand embroidery. We both grew up in the artistic environment. His dad and mom are an artist, so is my father (what a coincidence, my daddy and his dad went to the same art school).

Now, we want to bring our little family to the same environment. We are trying to fill our little home with the artistic air. Arwen and Leia are free to draw, sketch, paint and to make handycraft. We believe that art activities could stimulate their physical and psycological development.

Sketching together

This is what they are doing when watching me sketching some patterns. Sometimes, they fill my sketchbook with their doodles.

Arwen & Leia do the sketch

Yes, I'm preparing to start embroidering again since I left this hobby for almost 8 years. My friend, Sili, really give me such an inspiration to start needlework again, thanks're the inspiration! I've put the sewing machine in my wish list :).

Crafting - needlework

Ohhh can't wait to do my first hand embroidery project.

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Coffee and Vanilla said...

Dita, I love your blog :) I used to draw and do embroideries as well... I miss those days when I had lots of time to do all that... Your blog inspired me... I'm going to find some time to do it... I love Ikea as well... actually I was just heading there this week for some Xmas decoration shopping....
Have a wonderful day, Margot