Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Film Photography with Agfa Box 50

When money worth to spend: film photography with analog camera. #neoretrogizmo

Another photography experiment: film photography with 70 years old camera Agfa Box 50. Now the children learn that basic photography only requires light, lens & chemical process.

Been living in digital era, the children want to see the result instantly "Let me see the picture! Let me see the picture!" Sorry kids, this is not iPhone. You have to wait the film to be finished spooling then bring it to film laboratory. Kids hate waiting. But once they see the result, they keep asking "Is this magic?"

Yes kids. This is kind of magic.

Some results with Ilford B&W 120 ISO 400 film.
Arwen & Leia

With Lomography Redscale 120 ISO 200 film.

With Fujifilm Color 120 ISO 400

Still need a lot to practice :D
More in our Flickr page:
Film photography. Because digital photography is too mainstream. #neoretrogizmoThis is a 70 years old camera. How long does our digital camera last? #neoretrogizmoAliArwen & LeiaHiba

Film Photography, a set on Flickr.

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