Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inspiration From Far Away

by: Pinot

We live far away from our home town, where our children's grandparents live. We do regular online communications so we can share stories, pictures or videos. Sometimes, we do art sharing. Painting & drawing, like what Kong Soin - one of their grandpa - did in his artwork.

He drew a mother & his son in a traditional style. "This Dita (my wife) & Neo (our son) in a village." Then he showed his artwork to us here in Kuwait. Seems grandpa misses his grandson.
We miss you, too! :')


Syrka said...

you do beautiful things and i love to read and see what you did and are doing. You inspire me in so many ways. Thank you for this!

Lovely greetings from Germany!

Pinot Ichwandardi said...


You're welcome! It's an honor for me & the family. \m/
Warm greetings from Kuwait!

Vanessa Leonard said...

I agree with Syrka. I started following your wife on instagram and got immediately attached to your stories and artfull life. A big inspiration indeed! I too live a long way away from home, and I can really relate to this post. But the magic is what you make of this distance, and it seems to me that you as parents, make the best of it. Best of luck!

Cheers from New Jersey! ;)

Anonymous said...

What heyday isn't today?