Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing With Old Nintendo Game Boy

Our findings from Kuwait flea market: Nintendo Game Boy with accessories: Camera & Printer. Though it's has only black & white display, no touch screen, silly sound & bigger than the iPod touch, these old gadgets get our kids attention.

The Camera cartridge has features like picture game, stamp game & basic photo effect. Compare to similar iOS apps, its features is way too basic & primitive for iPad generation kids. But, what they can find it more interesting is the Printer unit. They can make their own photo booth or thumbnail & stick it to their books.

The Printer uses ordinary thermal paper - the same receipt paper from POS or cashier machine - so for experiment, we can use those old receipt papers from our wallet or grocery pouch.

And these are the results. Since the kids are happy with these simple black & white photos, now they're begging for more papers. "We can build our own photo booth & make money from it!"

Not bad for toys from 90s.

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