Monday, June 18, 2012

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Another fun floor photography project: Star Wars. Our kids, especially Leia, are beginning to enjoy their parents' favorite saga of all time.


And no, we're not going to buy any Star Wars' costumes, props, masks etc. Get the cardboard, papers, markers, glue & the scissors, kids! We're making our own Star Wars props!

We're using kids' bedroom as the floor stage. After watching the movie, we're simulating the scene with cardboard props. We decide to paint the prop later in Photoshop to save time, because the project needs to be done within a day :D

Here are the results:

Trio Star Wars

Leia as Princess Leia herself, Neo as R2D2 & Arwen as C3PO. Leia is using mouth maskers as hair buns, Neo is wearing cardboard costume with a painted plastic bowl on his head & Arwen is wearing cardboard with simple face painting. Backdrop: IKEA fabric design by P. Amsell/B Wesslander 2008.

Endor Speeder

Princess Leia riding speeder in Endor forest. Speeder was made from cardboard, vacuum cleaner attachment as maneuver control & baloon pump as repulsorlift engine. Backdrop: IKEA fabric design by Helen Trast 2007.

Our artwork is displayed in a Star Wars event in Bandung SWDBDG June 23rd 2012.

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sabilablabla said...

cool!!! :D

Anonymous said...

wuah!! kereeenn

Hesti HH. said...

super creative mom!! salut deh...

Pinot Ichwandardi said...

Terima kasihhhh. Ini kerja bareng mom & dad :D

Shirley Theresia said...

Creative! The idea is much more expensive than the props. Hope the kids follow their funky mom and dad to their adulthood.