Sunday, December 25, 2011

Painting on Newton MessagePad

Painting with NewtPaint
Got inspired by Andy Hill's blog on Newton art, we create our own art with NewtPaint. Feeling nostalgic drawing with 1-bit black & white environment. Reminds me the day of DrHalo or MacPaint back in mid 80s.
A girl by Arwen (7 years old)

Bird Nest
Papin by Leia (5 years old)
Leia by Arwen (7 years old)
Apple Mug
Polaroid Sun 600
Working Late

8-bit pixelated art is so 2011. Welcome to 1-bit art! :D


Genghis said...

Pretty cool.

How do you get the technology pics so proportional. It is freehand or a "photoshopped" technique?

Pinot Ichwandardi said...
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Pinot Ichwandardi said...

Thank you. It's all freehand. Done directly on the MessagePad screen :D