Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finally: Doodling with Wacom Inkling

Yay! Finally get our hand on Wacom Inkling!
Here's our quick review so far. Wacom Inkling sucks on tight details on doodling. As you can see, it fails capturing between strokes.

But for sketching, Inkling can capture my fast-drawing hand. Seems Inkling is far more better with this kind of drawing.

After doing further experiments with my wife, then we realize that we need to adjust our nature behavior on drawing, a learning curve for better accuracy. We have to keep the space clear between the pen & the receiver.

Our tips: keep your hand & paper steady. Stay consistent for one picture. Any obstructions, eg. rotating hand/paper will result in inaccurate or misplaced strokes like what we did above.

Here are the results:

As you can see here, there are some distortion or inaccurate strokes when I rotate my hand, blocking the communication between pen & receiver. But compare to previous result, it's getting better. Now my hand can adjust the tool for better result.

For a sketch style, I have no problem. For me, the result is impressive. Though I like my original sketch better. But hey, now it's a vector sketch! Can you get that style on, say, Illustrator with mouse or Wacom tablet? No. You need Wacom Inkling.

Useful link:
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