Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flowers on My Skirt

Hand Embroidery : Flowers on My Skirt

Call me silly, but I have an annoying habit for over the years. I couldn't resist to see something plain or as it is. I couldn't stand to see a plain wall, a plain shirt, a plain glass, a boring red plain shoes, an old skirt, etc. Everytime I bought something, this thought always across my mind, "I must do something with this!" or "I have to add ribbon on it!" or "Wouldn't it be cute if I add some colors on it!" and bla bla bla....

Just like this one....This is my boring plain polkadot green skirt. Just couldn't stop my hand to sew some flowers on it :D

Hand Embroidery : Flowers on My Skirt

Artist : Dita

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