Monday, November 12, 2012

Sketching Our Previous Adventure

Based on the photo from our previous trips, I make some sketches with Galaxy Note. I think it's possible (and convenient) to make on-the-spot sketching with it on a family travelling. 

A corner of Grand Bazaar Sultanahmet, Istanbul

A tram passing in Sultanahmet, Istanbul

The corner of Blue Mosque, Istanbul

In the top of Citadel or Jabal Al Qal'a in Amman, Jordan

The guard in Petra, Jordan

Next travelling, we're going to bring the Galaxy Note & do some on-the-spot sketching along with our kids.


Anonymous said...

i always love your drawing... How amazing that this is drawed with note. May i ask, what app did u use?
thank you :)

Pinot Ichwandardi said...


Thank you so much. I was using SketchBook Pro app.