Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ramadan Sketch

Sketching the Ramadan festivity in Kuwait with Samsung Galaxy Note.

Arabic music in a tent inside shopping center (more)
Free tea & gahwa (coffee) kiosk for iftar
Tamar Hindi juice man offering free tamarind juice to people (more)
Gergean night when kids doing activity similar to trick or treat in Halloween with traditional costume, traditional song and treat candies and sweets. (more)
Free hinna painting for girls (and women)


Anonymous said...

I have a question, couldn't find a place to ask! May I ask from where do you buy the cake decoration equipment and ingredients in Kuwait? I can't find them anywhere! Like there are basic things but not everything! Please, I would love to know!
I came here thru your instagram!
You are extremely talented!

Pinot Ichwandardi said...

Hi, thank you for visiting our blog. For that cake decoration, I need to ask my wife, Dita, first :D

I think there's a one little store in Salem Mubarak, in the basement of Tala Center.