Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drawing With Galaxy Note

Remember when I was doing practices drawing with Galaxy Note back in March? It was for a Samsung drawing competition. And I won!

So finally, long story short, we have this doodling device & the family start using it.

Sky Train. Sketching with color.

In a wanzer factory. Not bad for shading, thanks to marker tool with opacity adjustment

Twiggy. Playing with duotone.

Didik Nini Thowok. Now I'm addicted.

Robert Redford.

Marilyn Monroe 

Propeller-driven locomotive. A bit difficult for detail drawing.

Doodling people around is fun. But a bit awkward especially when they realize someone is having a pencil & paper drawing about them. With Galaxy Note, I can doodle them unnoticable. Sneak doodling!

Arwen & her tap dance class

Mobarakiya, Kuwait traditional market

Indian ladies having chat

Kuwait flea market

Father & daughter in grocery store

And these are our 7 yo daughter Arwen's doodle with Galaxy Note.

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saleesh kumar said...

very good pics..espclly those portrait sketches..!!