Sunday, October 23, 2011

Doodling with Kids

Not just about talent, art or creativity, the doodlings are also the ultimate way to discover the progress of our children. When we're doodling with them, we're entering their room. What they never told to us, appears in that room. The happiness, the sadness, nightmare, laugh, tears, smile, hate, everything. We believe doodling is a perfect way for sharing. Especially when our children still need to learn to communicate well with their parents.

A serial comic 

From Shaun the Sheep 

 Dora the Explorer

Shaun the Sheep 

Red nose clown 


Leia as ballerina

Sponge Bob Square Pants & Patrick 

Shopping in the mall

So, parents, let's doodle with them! It's more than just fun!
And remember, there's no good or bad doodling!

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