Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Days Drawing Challenge: Finale

Phew. Finally I made it. Started from November 1, ends today. Thanks to Sheila Rooswita for the invitation & spirits. And also, of course, thanks to my Neverland family :D

Day 21 - Something I want: 2040, gettting old with my wife, chatting with our grandson via iPad paper

Day 22 - Something I miss

Day 23 - Something I need

Day 24 - A couple

Day 25 - Scenery: Temple of Hercules, Citadel, Jordan

Day 26 - Something I don't like: missed the kids' historical moment

Day 27 - Someone you love: Sometwo, somethree, somefour

Day 28 - Anything I'd like: SKATEBOARD!

Day 29 - A place I want to go

Day 30 - A congrats banner


Arfi Binsted said...

well done Pinot!

Lucy said...

You're brilliant! Love your work.