Monday, January 4, 2010

Aquarelle Day





Painting! Painting! Arwen & Leia joining me for watercolor painting. Messy but colorfully fun!

Aquarelle from Pinot on Vimeo.

Shot with Canon EOS 500D & 50mm ƒ1.4 lens with 4x macro filter. The video was shot with manual aperture (ƒ1.4) in FLAT Picture Style & color corrected in Final Cut Express with Magic Bullet Looks.


Tara Amelz said...

my gosh...this blog is so beautiful! i love the videooooooooooooooo...SO. MUCH.

Ria said...

Dear Dita.....thank you for pop in my blog today...and leaving comment...:) Your pictures are amazing! And your video...gosh...I feel like I am there in the room with you all, painting....
Such a wonderful family...such a beautiful life.
Have a nice day...
I will pop in here often if you don't mind :)

EWian said...

Looks like wonderful fun. Thanks for sharing some inspirational video.