Thursday, May 28, 2009

IF Cracked

Elly the elephant is such a wimp
Even she's the elephant king's daughter

She is just too afraid to swim
Sooner or later,
The crack will help her

Artist : Pinot
Software : CorelPainter X
Hardware : Wacom Intuos, MacPro


Za3mOn said...

lucu bgd gmbr gajahny! :D

Pinot, Dita, Arwen & Leia said...

Hehe... terima kasiii

Anne said...

That is so cute!

Shirley said...

What a wonderful concept - and the texture is super.
: )

fashion fucsia said...

Cute cute elephant!!! Well done!

xenos said...

how unfortunate. i think a follow up piece would be in order now...

Pinot, Dita, Arwen & Leia said...

Thanks guys :)