Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Colorful Couch

Bought the couch from IKEA....pretty boring with the plain white color!

So we had a crazy idea to make the couch looks bright and colorful. We let Arwen and Leia took part and free painting the couch as their liking.

Family Project : Colorful Couch

Here it is........our new couch!

Couch Arwen Leia

Artist : Pinot, Dita, Arwen and Leia
Tools : Textile Paint


maritessb said...

beautiful! I love your blog! found it on ikea hacker. the wall is also an inspiration.

Nettie said...

This is awesome! What a great job you all did. Your wall mural is fantastic too! Can't wait to see what you tackle next.

eM said...

please share with us the kind of paint used - I have a plain white chair i want to do this to, but don;t know the bet paint to use.

Alicia said...

Hi! I just saw your hack on Ikea Hacker and I blogged about you on my blog. I love your style, you guys are so creative! So cute, I'll be back. Ahhh cuteness.

Leah said...

oooo, i love it!! great job!

SilS Frebrian said...

you're so the idea (never ever popped in my mind...haha).
I love it......u guys are super creative.
PS: pake cat acrylic ya?

Melissa said...

I followed the breadcrumbs from Leah's blog.

That chair is gorgeous! Love all that color!

~Art on~

Pinot, Dita, Arwen & Leia said...

Thanks people for stopping by and also for the sweet words.

@ eM : You can use fabric/textile paints. They won't fade away.

@ Alicia : thank u for blogging about our blog.

@ Sils : kita, gue terutama paling gak betah liat sesuatu yg polos, Sil ;). Pake cat tekstil buw, biar awet.

Kelly said...

Wow! I love this. It would terrify my husband.

Sarah Moore said...

that is amazing! We love it!

nenoneno said...

wow, a really cool couch! I love it!
I found your blog when I searched for "simple dress" on Google. you have many cool stuffs here and I enjoyed them.
salam kenal ya. :)

Mapiurka said...

so, so lovely!!!

Erik Eneddy said...

So awesome! Would like to do the same, but i'm afraid it will turn out bad, bcoz i'm not an art person. :D