Friday, October 30, 2015

3D Model Project

Our 8 years old daughter designs a computer toy for her puppet doll. It called ePig. She gave me the drawing with its back, front, right view for 3D reference.

Then I built the 3D model in Cinema 4D software, showed it to her until she was satisfied and approved the model. Got it ready for 3D printing in Blender software and sent it to Shapeways for printing.

Couple weeks later, the model arrived. So excited with our first 3D model project! Can't wait to prepare for another 3D model.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Welcome Back, Marty McFly!

October 21st 2015! For the first time we'll gonna watch Back To The Future II! Time to commemorate the BTTF month, with watercolor paintings! \o/

Welcome back, Marty! (medium: KOI Sakura on Moleskine watercolor pad) #watercolor  Doc & Marty. #WelcomeBackMarty #BTTF

Go Johnny, go go go! ♪ #BTTF #cafepainter  Lorraine Baines. #BTTF #cafepainter

Punch him, George! Punch him in the face! #BTTF #cafepainter  Moleskine watercolor notebook (pocket) becomes our favorite medium for portable painting #mobilepainter #cafepainter

Paint: Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor + Koi waterbrush.
Paper: Moleskine watercolor pad.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Family Project: 7 Years in Kuwait

We just started our family project: a watercolor journal for our 7 years in Kuwait. The whole family member will put their drawings & paintings, included our son's.

You can check our progress in Instagram with #7yearsinQ8 hashtag.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Demi Momen Yang Dikenang Di Masa Mendatang

Perkembangan anak-anak adalah satu alasan mengapa kami jadi sangat rajin menggunakan kamera untuk keperluan dokumentasi foto dan video. Kami seperti tidak mau kehilangan momen sekecil apa pun. Celoteh, ekspresi, kelakuan mereka yang ajaib membuat kami selalu menempatkan kamera pada posisi stand by. 
Selain momen tidak terduga, kami juga selalu membuat project dengan mereka.

Mumpung belum beranjak dewasa, membuat project foto atau video dengan mereka sangat menyenangkan dan diharapkan bisa menjadi kenangan tak terlupakan yang bisa dinikmati di masa depan. Dari sekian banyak project yang kami lakukan sekeluarga adalah floor fun photography. Bela-belain bikin setting dan kostum di lantai.


Ibunya mempersiapkan ‘panggung’-nya dan bapaknya manjat bunk bed anak-anak dan mengikat badan dengan paku yang ditancap ke tembok supaya bisa dapat angle cukup tinggi dari atas ke lantai. 

Beberapa malah angle-nya ngga pas, ada juga yang ngga focus. Maklum, apartemen kami cukup kecil dan pendek, jadi mesti bisa menyiasati situasi. Yang penting demi momen. :D

Kira-kira miriplah dengan perjuangan yang ada di video Shoot My Best ini. 


Perjuangan pun akhirnya menghasilkan foto-foto yang lucu. Anak-anak juga senang dengan peran mereka di project ini. Bagaimana dengan anda semua? Pernah mengalami pengalaman dokumentasi seru yang serupa? :)

Let's swim!

Lebih banyak lagi lihat di postingan kami sebelumnya (link)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Starting The Cafe Painter Hashtag On Instagram

While we're in Jakarta, we don't have a proper & comfort studio to do some art & craft activities at home. So we think painting is one of the activities that doable outside with our children. Then we
start looking some nice & cool place, like coffee shop or cafe with big table, big window, good lighting. And we find some good place in Jakarta, like VIN+ in Pondok Indah Mall, LOT 9 in Bintaro sector 9,  Yesterday Lounge in Pangeran Antasari, Trafique in Hang Tuah, Anomali Coffee in Menteng and Pipiltin Cocoa in Panglima Polim.

A photo posted by Dita Wistarini (@ditut) on

And we start to make the #cafepainter hashtag on Instagram and ask other people to join. Go get your portable painting tools, start painting in your favorite cafe and take the picture of the painting with the hashtag.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Whole Family is on TEDx Jakarta Stage!

(photo by Dessey)
Today, we had the honour to be on TEDx Jakarta stage. Our subject is about how the family deal with the limitation around us. For us, limitation is not a wall, but a magical door to the new opportunity, the infinite opportunity. We have to face it, try to open it with our magical thoughts & spirits.

On stage, kids were making a Vine with playdoh & papers. Thankfully, kids were not nervous doing it in front of hundred audiences. "It's like doing a music concert," said Arwen. Of course, they already did their exercise for making the same Vine days before.

This Vine was done on the stage by Arwen, Leia & Neo

Right after Papin finished the speech, the Vine was done & ready to upload. The speech was closed with kids' instant Vine played on the screen.

Then we did The Beatles' bow down stage. Magical experience!

See also:
- When the kids were practicing for making the Vine.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exercise: Doing Vine Live for TEDx Jakarta

Kids are exercising their Vine production on stage for TEDx Jakarta at Saturday.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Indonesian Tumpeng With Pikachu Shape

Today is our daughter's birthday. She doesn't want a cake and prefer Indonesian tumpeng with yellow rice. So +Dita W. Ichwandardi gathers some ingredients for the face elements.

Here's the result.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Remaking Old Photos

The fun of the proper archiving: remaking old photos!

Same pose different year
Dad with Zeiss Ikon Tengor camera
Dad with me (left) and dad with his grandson (right)

Me with Tomy Tron game console (left) and daughter with Tomy Tron game console (right)

Same spot different year

Kuwait Tower

Souq Sharq

Abu Dhabi

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Won The Vineographer Award in Shorty Awards!

Woohoo! It was a great honor to be chosen by Shorty Awards as 2014 Vineographer. Among other finalists are the talented Viners are @CodybJohns @marcusjohns @loganpaul @jakepaul19 @thedudebakes.

Here's my acceptance speech when Matt Walsh presents the award in the ceremony: